My Adoring Public/Partners in Crime

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Some of ma bestest furrends - the nortiest ones - probably!!


I just hadz to put a pichur of ma darling @SidTheCatahoula (Siddy) on ma bloggy cos he is just such a sweet and loving boy.  He loves playing wiv his balls (no! not dem sort - norty! norty!), especially da Globe Ball on a rope which I sented him for Thanksgiving!  Siddy always make me feel glad to be alive!!  His Mum, Lisa and Dad, Matt are pretty cool too!!

Dis morning he punced on his Mum at 6am!!  She tooked him for a walk, brunged him back to bed and he still punced three more times!  He has all da makings on an Honorary PuddyTat!

Dis is Siddy wiv da Christmouse card wot I sented him!
You can see how overwhelmed wiv delight he is!!

Da next mate is da very, very norty @marleyterrier who spends half his life doing dastardly fings to me such as sneaking into ma bed in da middle of da night and biting ma bum!

Do not be fooled by dis pichur or Marley looking "out to lunch"!!
He is a scheming rascal and dats why I luvs him!!

And here is ma sweet furrend @Petiethecat who is not really on ma norty list, but it so cute and kind and just have to include him cos I love him lots too!

Dis is Petie looking very regal indeedy!!

Next one in da frame is da ever so, ever so norty @GingerMiluk who has an opinion on everything and is not afraid to share it!!

Ginger looks very cute here but you can see da scheming look in his eyes!!

And, finally, dis is da nortiest little girl of all!1  Can you guess who dis is?!!

Yup! Yours truly - ME - caught in da act of being where I shouldn't be!!

And now it's time to meet da new kids on da block - @PepiSmartDog's puddytats:

Dis is Apple - a Russian Blue - who finks he is so macho....but is no match for his
two scheming Meezer Sisfurs!!

Sweet and gentle Tarni pretending to be good!!

Tahni "butter wouldn't melt"!!

And Suki, the skinniest meezer in da world with a voice like a fog horn!!

So der you have it!  I will gradually add more furrends as time goes by!!

Have fun!

Love and kisses and wussez,


  1. Love and kisses and wuzzez to you my dear! I am happy to be on any list of yours! xoxo

  2. What a wonderful group of friends you have. Aren't they the bestest!

  3. *Uses cover of blog preparation to steal cat's toys and nip*