My Adoring Public/Partners in Crime

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hello to new furrends and Farewell to loved ones!

This is just a quickie to say that I will start up-dating my Bloggy on a more regular basis but life in London as one of the A List Celebs takes up much of my time!!!

I had some fun early in da month with @BorisKitty's Contesty for GOTCHA DAY! I wuz doing quite well until da phantom clickers got to work....!!!! I didn'ts win nuffink but da taking part was such fun and I wet maself larfing @Shawneeshep's pictorial contribution!!!!

On 21 August all ma furrends and mes wuz very, very sad cos our lovely Apricot Tabby cat, @Puzthecat, went on his final journey over da Raibow Bridge! @PepiSmartDog put on a wonderful #Hamfest in Puz's honour a few weeks before when we hadz da dreadful news dat Puz had an aggressive cancer of da mouth! He wuz such a brave boy and we gave him a great send off. He is very happy now and a new bright star haz appeared in da night sky #PUZSTAR on which we can all make wishes. He haz caught up with @ChatteMuse who is showing him da ropes! Puz's bruv @TonyTheSiamese caused a bit of a stir having ventured into da world of entrepreneurs (Dragon's Den) by flogging Puz's fings on e.bay!! He wuz "velly, velly sworry" and is set to become another much loved member of da anipal Twitter community!!

Another one of our anipal furrends @Alantheferret suddenly dropped off da radar in early August and his Twitter account disappeared so we can only assume his is missing in action. Wherever you are hidings Alan, just remember dat we all luvs and misses you lots! If anyone knows his whereabouts, please let us know.

**UPDATE: I haz found dat naughty @Alantheferret hidings on Twitter Critters!!! Here he is alive and well:**

It was Mum's birfday on 28 August but as it was too windy she and Trea went to Kenwood House in Hampstead, London yesterday for a spiffing nosh!! I, of course, wuz left behind but dey dids buy me a new baby! His name is Mr Hiss and he is a lilac and pinky floofy, 4 foot long snakie! He rattles too! Awesome pawesome or wot?!!

Da birfday celebrations for Mum also coincided wiv da Woodstock #pawpawty which @Javathecat, @MizzBassie, @PepiSmartDog and others helped to arrange. Dey are such wunnerful anipals who are always finking of others!

@PepiSmartDog became even more famous getting himself in print again and being shaved by his Mummy for a photoshoot! Later in a month, Pepi became slightly more girly by hazinf his toofies cleaned by da V.E.T. and hazing a hissy fit da following day but not allowing his Mummy to clean his toofies with BEEF (yukky!!) flavoured toofpaste! I shall not go into da details of wot happened next but, suffice to say, it wuz not one of Mum Michele's best ideas of Pepi's finest hours..but his street cred went up!!

I haz made even more fab furrends dis month and you all know who you iz! @Cokiethecat and mes iz still "an item" along with @PepiSmartDog @Rumblepurr @Dunkin_the_cat @dobie_evgeni @yellowdogsandy @SidTheCatahoula @VladimirCat and ma latest toyboys @Tuckerdart @Fordy57 @wallasEKatt and all ma ovver boys!! And some of ma other girlies @Emmythecat @Jasmine_woo_woo @mumsmarmie1 @PollyPuss11 @bdgrlaw @salpickering @kritterkondo...!!!

And den I went and forgotted to mention day #pawpawty organiser extraordinaire @frugaldougal! Many apols for dis oversight! Big wuzzes!


Finally, wishing lots of luck and safe journey to


who are embarking on a new adventure this coming Tuesday when des moves from Dubai to SoCal. We iz all longing to hear wot life will be like for dem in da US of A!

Until very soon, big loves and kisses to ALL my loyal and loving furrends.

Kisses and hugs,