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Friday, 11 June 2010

In Loving Memory of Wynnie who went OTRB on 10 JUNE 2010

Dearest Anipals

I am feeling very sad today as my fiance @Cokiethecat's beloved sisfur, Wynnie, died of a heart attack yesterday during a routine visit to da vet.  Wynnie was going to be my Maid of Honour at our Wedding.

Dis is our booful Wynnie snuggling wiv ma Cokie.

My love and thoughts go out to Cokie, and his Mom and Dad (Kristin and Michael) at this very sad time.

You will live forever in our hearts, darling Wynnie.

Wynnie in her pretty pink bow.

Sleep well, pretty girl.

Love always,

Tuesday, 1 June 2010



Over da weekendy dis hooman below went to a BBQ and brunged nuffink whatsoever back for her two babies @MadLabM and @MavTheTiger!  Dems poor, skinny babies was a-howling and a-cryings cos dems had no BBQ or nuffink!!  Madison and Mav are such skinny minnies and it just breaks ma heart dat der Mama could be so VERY, VERY, EVER-SO NORTY!!!!

Dis is a pichir of @MadLabM and @MavTheTiger's very own
(Look at dem gnashers on her!!  She has gotted dat poor Madison gagged too!!)

If you knows of any other hoomans you have purrpeetrateded such crimes against our furrends, den please send me a toot-out so dat we can name and shame dem for all purrpeetuity!!!

**please donate any half-eaten bones, fox poo, rabbit droppings, duck crap by sending it direct to Madison's Mama**!! XXXX

Please don't have nightmares!!  I am tooting wiv fright just typing dis story!! **opens windows**!!

Loves ya all!