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Saturday, 2 January 2010

My Forever Furrends!

Dis is ma Special Furrend PepiSmartDog

Hi Furrends

Da piccy above is of me wearing da pawsome Elf Hat wot ma furrend @BorisKitty sented me for Christmas! I fawt it was rather winsome and girl-about-town to wear it with da pom pom over eye and not, as Trea suggested, skew-whiff cos I had hadz one Niptini too many! (Dat girl needs corrective training!).

It has been a while since I hadz a chance to update ma Bloggy cos Trea was so busy at work (yawn!) and Mummy cannot yet do ma Bloggy stuff! But, I haz been finking of you all!!

Christmouse was a bit quiet cos Mummy had da Piggy Floo following by poonewmonia and Trea and me looked after her! Pepi had a nurse's uniform which he let me borrow!!

We made so may furrends on Twitter dis year and had a lovely time sending and receiving Christmouse cards and pressies. I have a box full of toys, each of them special forever toys from my forever friends. I just wish we could all meet and have a fun time all playing together!! Your gifts are lovely, but your love and friendship are even better because those "gifts" are with me wherever I am!

Some my furrends got sick during da year and made a good recovery, but some of dem were so sick dems went Over The Rainbow Bridge. October/November was a sad time for all of us. Ma furrend Pepi went OTRB in September but has been brilliant at welcoming da new arrivals and making dem feel at home. Although for some of you this may seem silly, for many of the Mums & Dads of these anipals it was a source of great comfort so I got really sad when one or two anipals made fun of Rainbow Bridge. Der are some people out there who "owe their lives/sanity" to their beloved anipals for always being there for them through the good times and the bad. Anipals are not judgmental are do not judge humans by their wealth or possessions! All we anipals need is love, some kind words, some fud and somewhere warm to sleep. We love our humans no matter wot and no one has da right to sneer at dat! So der!!

Der are so many of you I would like to thank for being ma furrend but I cannot name you all! However, @PepiSmartDog, SidTheCataoula @PetieTheCat @Yoda_the_dog @Caesar_OSkeezix @Pandafur @GeorgeTheDuck @CokieTheCat @BlimdMaximus @Chattemuse @Emmythecat @LadyBonessa @MattieDog @TeaganTheDog @Fordy57 @PollyPuss11 @Dogstoyevky @kritterkondo @bdgrlaw @grrlysquirrel @snoopydogdog @Marleyterrier @MizzBassie @JavaTheCat @OatieDog @PiddleandPurr @MedusaJ @Smokey8 @Sadlovelyheart @tweetpie54 @no_crybaby_doGs @ZackRabbit @GOLDANNE @BabyPatches @Boomiethecat @BorisKitty @henryandfriends @GinerMiluk @JinJinDoggy @PixelDoggy @zaziart @kittehboi @Pickle55 @RosieandCheeto @MaggieTKat @BuzzLucas @vorvolaka @5_cats_4_dogs @CleopatraSaash @flatcatlady @danapixie @ForeverGinger @PuzTheCat @RudyKCat @frugaldougal @Gabby_da_tabby @HankTheDoggy @brutusthedane @hanseebundee @hollieferguson @iCocoChi @jedbramwell @Kolo_Martin @Ladycat3 @mariodacat @laineyspawtique @LadyCruella @lexingtonthepup @LittleDunkin @LouPeb @MadLabM @mam1cutie @Manxington @MarblecakeJemna @marshallsheldon @mumsmarmie @Rumblepurr @pntbtrkisses @Poppy_Dog @purplebear @sydpie @tigrisparva @trailerparkdogs @understandblue @zandria - are just a few who have made me laugh and cry over the last year!

Please forgive me any omissions that I have made! XXXX

May 2010 bring about an end to suffering and pain to all anipals, especially our brave Little Brown Dog of Knoxville, Tennessee, and anipals like her who have suffered so much pain and cruelty at the hands of humans.

May 2010 bring World Peace and an end to famine and war....and lots of nommy noms for us all!

My love always,

PS: Please forgive any typos! XXXX