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Saturday, 4 February 2012

A year in the life of Jazzy and her family!

Dearest Readers

First of all I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2012...if somewhat belated!  This past year had flown by at nano speed. not least because dat Trea took early retirement from her University job at the end of May 2011.  Since that time, Mummy and me have been run ragged by da wretched girl always having some pressing project which needs her attention!  I am da ONLY project to which she should be devoting her time!

In early May last year Trea met with the lovely @Teaganthedog's Mum, Sarah, and her Daddy, Gary, and they managed ti snatch a quick lunch at the Uni.  Unfortunately, on that occasion, Teagie Weagie was not able to join them on da trip to London Town!  And Trea was really excited when @Dogstoyevsky's Mum, Wendy, was able to attend her retirement bash!  **Suddenly all the academics "lived in Essex" and were totally bowled over by this bubbly blonde!!**


So, the first thing which we did  was to get both the back and front gardens professionally overhauled.  They had got a bit out of hand...and Trea finally realised that "less is more"! Below are just a few of the things we have done or planted!

Patio and shed (back garden)

Jazzy in her KritterKondo on back patio

Front garden with new lawn

 Pink Hellebore

Purple Hellebore 



We also have a lovely Daphne which @Teaganthedog's Mum sent Mummy Enid for her birthday!  In addition, Trea recently came across what is hyped as "the world's most fragrant flower" - Polianthes Tuberosa (picture below).  It was very popular in Victorian times and is now making a comeback...if you can get the bulbs!!  Luckily dat Trea has managed to buy 10!!


On 1 August, Trea and Mummy did the grand Tour of Buckingham Palace.  It was a "grand day out" and they were both taken aback by the wonderful "intimacy" of all the rooms - not of which are very big!  In fact, it was very cosy and feels like a home which, of course, it is!  The Palace gardens are stunning in their simplicity - no formality, just a natural flow of things!  An oasis of peace right in the middle of London!

Mummy Enid at the back of the Palace!

All of the above five views were taken in the garden at the back of the Palace - a truly restful and magical place!

We also saw Kate's wedding dress which, sadly, did not look as impressive as on the television!!  Here are pictures of the Royal Wedding..incase you missed it!!

I will be posting another up-date very soon with all the mischievous things dat Ize been up too!

Love you all muchly and with special love to those of you who have lost your beloved fur babies.

Jazzy and dat Trea XXXXX