My Adoring Public/Partners in Crime

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


OK! Kids!

Here goes! My very good furrend @BrutusTheDane wants to be famous and has been sniffing around ma Norty Step - could probably still smell @Marleyterrier's singed butt after he blew up @Kolo_Martin and myself a few months ago - and who am I to disappoint!!  Only problem is da wot norty fings has Bru done?

@Brutusthedane in all his glory....
but not for long!!!!!

Here is his very special calling card - his Mum must have da bestest and most fertile veggie garden in all of da US -

Anyone for tennis?  All balls recycled!!

OMC! I haz never seed a cow poop as much in one go!!!  **holds nose**!!  I bet when Brutus toots, his Mum has enough supply of gas for the whole of the West USA.  Now wonder we haz global warmings!! 

Now, the next piccy will surprise many of you (or may be not)!  Our Brutus is not just a Shibbering Cheeto, BUT also a Shivvering Chickacheetah!!!!!

Oh! Yes! Our Bru does male modelling in his spare time!!
**You are so tooty & frooty Bru**

And here is one of Brutus' "Hot Dawgs" - **looks more like she finking "what was dat all about"**!!

Well, da Earth did not move for me!!

And here is one of our Bru strutting his stuff:

"He's gotta be SO MACHO...."

And finally...........

What's dat piece of pink floof between your legs, Bru?

Ma Norty Step is currently being re-built and extended as der are so many norty boys and girls out der just begging to be on ma step!!

I love you, Bru!!