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Friday, 18 September 2009

Heartfelt Tribute to ma best furrend, Pepi Smart Dog: 1991 - 2009

One of da first furrends I made on Twitter was @PepiSmartDog. He was an older dog - 12 years young - who was adopted by former Olympic Level Equestrian (Dressage) Michele Brown. Michele chose Pepi because of his eyes. When she first met him he was in a shelter pen with five bouncy and more handsome puppies. He knew the odds were against him and shuffled away in sadness with his head hung low when he thought that Michele also did not want him. However, the following day Michele picked him up from the shelter and the rest is history.

Pepi very soon became a celebrity in his own right in his native Queensland, championing the campaign to "educate" people in the delights of taking on an older pet. Whatever Michele did for him, Pepi repayed her one-thousandfold. They were a team and Pepi became famous for his slick mode of transport - an Aston Martin/Ferrari disguised as a Pram!!

Over the months I knew Pepi we became very close and I valued his insight and take on life generally. Pepi was a great mediator who poured oil on troubled water when us anipals got out of line or got up one another's noses! We could also tease one another without causing any offence or upset; we had the same outlook on life and sense of humour. Trea, mai human sisfur, also became great friends with Michele, his Mum! I always imagined that Pepi would be around forever and ever.

Two weeks ago mai world was turned upside down when, following dental surgery and an anaesthetic, we found out that damage had been done to Pepi's kidneys. Over the days it became apparent that Pepi was very sick and was rushed into ICU. Even then Pepi rallied, we all help our breath and felt that he would come back fighting. He did just that, but only to suffer a relapse. The Twitter anipal community all came together and held a #pawcircle for his return to health and, for a while, our prayers were answered.

Last Sunday, 13 September 2009, Pepi was well enough to attend an animal charity bash in his honour! He had a ball as loved all the adulation heaped upon him. He returned to the Hospital later that day having had so much fun with his Mum. On Monday and Tuesday we got some good news that, blood tests permitting, Pepi would be allowed home on Wednesday, 16th. Trea had a e.mail from Michele who was so, so excited at getting him home again!

Can you imagine the shock that we got when we read our Tweets from Michele telling us that our beloved PepiSmartDog had died, having suffered a massive heart attack, after having been home only five minutes? Mum, Trea and I were absolutely numb with disbelief. This is why it has taken me two days to be able to write this tribute to Pepi - da bestest furrend an anipal could have.

One the day before he died, he showed us all just how spunky a dog he was by FANGING DA VET NURSE!! I think all da anipals were crying wiv tears of laughter at dat stunt!! [15 September will now be offishully designated "FANG DA VET DAY" or #arsefest for short!]

One hearing dat Pepi had crossed over da Rainbow Bridge, da Twitter Anipal community once again all came together and we all grieved as one at our loss. Yesterday, 17 September, was one of the quietest days I have ever known on Twitter. Only one anipal was in our thoughts, PepiSmartDog!

Pepi lived brave and died brave. He will be forever in our hearts - one of a kind that we were all fortunate to know. He has not left us but merely crossed over The Rainbow Bridge where he can watch over us for all Eternity.



Remembering also @PuzTheCat who crossed over da Rainbow Bridge on 21 August 2009 after a short battle with mouth cancer. Puz was another great furrend who always responded to Tweets, especially when I sent him some freshly churned Joisy Cweem!! A few days before he went over da Bridge, we shared a romantic meal of meatballs and spaghetti together recreating dat wonderful scene in "Lady and The Tramp"! Our noseys touched when we eateds a string of spaghetti and met in da middle! Puz greeted Pepi at da Rainbow Bridge with a feast (even if wuz yukky tofu!!) fit for a King!!

At dis point I should give some "mention in dispatches" to @PuzTheCat's bruv @TonyTheSiamese who so memorably (& delightfully) kept us all entertained by flogging Puz's dish on e.bay!!! Tony, as it happened, has turned out to be a velly, velly, loving boy who shares ma love of plawns and is well worth a follow!!

Mai thoughts are wiv all anipals who haz crossed da Rainbow Bridge recently.

Thank you for reading dis. And a big thank you to all you all for being such fun and loyal furrends!

Love and kisses,
18 September 2009